Should I choose to travel solo or with a group?

It’s time to travel again! But it is a different world than a few years ago, and many people wonder if they should travel solo or with a group. There is a lot to consider. Do you want to plan every aspect of the trip, or do you want someone else to handle all the logistics? Do you have unique tastes, or are you looking for a trip that gives you a broad look at the destination?

Let’s look at the advantages of solo and group travel and a unique third option. Once you have this information, you can decide the best way to see the world on your terms.

The Top 3 Advantages of Solo Travel

Solo travel is an opportunity to experience the world in a new and meaningful way. It can be a liberating experience. You get to take control of your journey, explore new places, and discover yourself. Here are some of the advantages of solo travel:

As a solo traveler, you do exactly what YOU want to do.

When you plan a trip for yourself, you get to choose every aspect of the experience, from where you stay, how you get there, and every other part of the trip. Do you have eclectic tastes? Do you enjoy off-the-beaten-path restaurants? Do you want to go to a museum no one you know would ever visit? All this is possible when you plan your trip.

A solo traveler sets the pace of their trip.

You can stay an extra night or two if you love a place while traveling solo. Dislike a place? Leave early. And you get to choose the length of each day. Planning for yourself can make the trip feel far more relaxed but you may be surprised how much you will have to leave out if you under plan the days or how many calls you need to make to adjust for such changes.

Solo travelers get to make friends around the world.

One of the best things about solo travel is that you are constantly meeting new people. You need to! If you like making new friends, this could be the perfect opportunity to build new friendships worldwide. You may find a few friends who want to do and see everything you do, which means having company on your next trip.

The Top 3 Advantages of Group Travel

Group travel can be equally rewarding and offers people with less travel experience a better-curated trip than they might plan. In addition to a pre-planned itinerary, group travel has some significant advantages over solo travel.

Group travel can save you serious money.

Travelers who have never booked an international itinerary often forget to include things. Forgetting to pre-arranged transportation or dinner reservations can lead to increased costs and missed connections. Group travel offers peace of mind because the company making the arrangements ensures all the deals are in place. Booking in bulk can dramatically reduce transportation costs and accommodations for group travelers. That means more money for souvenirs or airline upgrades!

Group travelers enjoy the moment rather than anticipating the next one.

When a group travel company arranges all the details, you only need to arrive on time. When traveling solo, you need to think about the next move. If you enjoy organizing logistics, choose solo travel. If you want to relax and enjoy your days unencumbered by minutiae, group travel is for you.

Group travel takes the guesswork out of planning a trip.

How do you plan a trip to a place you’ve never been? If that question keeps you up at night, travel with a group. Group travel companies are expert planners and know the most important and exciting places to visit, even the ones not listed in the guidebooks. Choosing group travel takes the guesswork out of planning a trip and assures you see and experience all the highlights of a destination.

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As you can see, there are advantages to solo and group travel. Sometimes it pays to have both in one trip!

Imagine traveling with a group of like-minded people and taking advantage of the benefits of group travel: things like better pricing, curated itineraries, and expert guidance. But adding the opportunity to plan critical parts of the trip yourself, so you can see the places that are uniquely you.

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